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Hi and welcome to The Designer Site – for details of UK design companies, technology solutions, jobs, advice, news, views and more. Our website can help you to find local or specialist consultancies, improve your skills, develop ideas or keep up to date with the latest industry issues and developments.

As well as listing businesses in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the information includes guidance and technologies from across the globe and draws on the expertise of design consultants and experts from a number of disciplines.

The Designer Site is a new resource developed by professionals from the fields of web development, print / graphic design and online marketing / internet advertising.

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10 Steps to Succesful Design – from conception through to post-production.
1. Needs Analysis – what are your goals, is there a need for change?
2. The Brief – project goals and expections.
3. Research – how have similar projects been managed by others, what are the latest techniques and technologies that could be involved, and how can known problems be overcome?
4. Specification – laying out specific requirements and solutions.
5. Presentation – where client approval is required – describing planned actions, dealing with any questions and responding to any criticism or misunderstandings.
6. Development – producing initial working models or prototypes.
7. Testing – Running a working model or prototype, problem-solving and vigorously testing prior until everyone involved in the design process is satisfied.
8. Implementation – introduction of the finished product or system into the destination environment, and guiding clients and their staff in its use if required.
9. Appraisal – post-production evaluation of the working product or system, responding to any client questions or criticism and solving any problems that have arisen during or after the implementation stage.
10. Conclusion – evaluating the success of the project and making any recommendations for future projects from the lessons learned.

Bearing these steps in mind from start to finish can help you to deliver a product or service that closely meets your own or your client’s goals, as well as forming a solid blueprint for future project success.

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