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Advice and Tips for Designers

If you are a trainee or professional within a creative industry, follow our design tips and advice to improve your skills as a designer.

Design Methods

This is a broad term that incorporates the disciplines of:
Divergence – Studying possibilities and limitations of current situations through the application of critical thinking, using quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, in order to further awareness and drive design improvements.

Transformation – Redefinition of design solution blueprints, in order to improve practices for contemporary or traditional design processes, whether it is in specific fields such as engineering, architecture, exhibition, retail, web, graphic, interior, producting, packaging, fashion or branding, or in a combination of several disciplines.

Convergence – Producing prototype models for better design solutions that dramatically or incrementally improve the previous product or system.

Sustainability – The exploration, redefinition and prototyping of design solutions over an extended period.

Articulation – How the parts contribute to the success of the whole.

The point of design methods is to further undertanding of how solutions for systems, products, environments and services can better serve their end-users. By establishing a solid foundation of design methodology, it is then possible build on this with insight and intuition.

Design Management

The processes that business professionals use to integrate design requirements with their commercial goals, systems and methods. This will often involve liaison between very different types of personalities and comprimise between creativity and business of efficiency requirements.
Design teams do not always not always collaborate well with business and creative designers often have difficulty in articulating their commercial value in terms that business executives can understand.

To bridge this gap, the British Design Council (now the Design Council) was formed in 1944 by the wartime government as the Council of Industrial Design. The objective was “to promote by all practicable means the improvement of design in the products of British industry”.

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